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Feb 21, 2022

What do scientists do with the data they gather from emotion recognition research? In this episode, Camille talks with three experts in very different fields all coming together to look at intelligent systems and emotion recognition research. Her guests are Saurav Sahay (Staff Researcher and Manager of Multimodal Dialogue and Interactions Team at Intel Labs), Sinem Aslan (Research Scientist), and Dawn Nafus (Anthropologist). Their conversation covers what emotion recognition research is and why it’s so collaborative across disciplines, where emotion recognition research is being tested and used, what types of sensors are used to collect emotional recognition data through artificial intelligence, and the ethics of emotion recognition research. From driving to classrooms, predictive text, medicine, and more, emotion recognition research is aided by AI to help scientists improve the world around us. But, how do ethicists, anthropologists, and computer scientists ensure emotion recognition research and AI is conducted ethically? Listen to find out!

The views and opinions expressed are those of the guests and author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Intel Corporation.