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Feb 13, 2022

Did you know patches and updates can be major security risks? Tom and Camille are diving into managing and securing patch updates with Gabe Frost, Group Project Manager at Microsoft. Their conversation covers the changing conversations about patches and patch updates over the years in an increasingly digital and hybrid world, the difficulty of predicting patch performance due to the wide variety of hardware and software combinations, what new technology is being developed to improve patches and updates, and how to manage risk and security when sending updates to many people. The hybrid environment of software, hardware, and the endless combinations in between can make successfully implementing patches and anticipating obstacles very challenging for IT teams. Hear what Gabe Frost has to say about Microsoft’s focus on analytics and testing tools to mitigate these challenges, including disruptions to productivity and security risks!

The views and opinions expressed are those of the guests and author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Intel Corporation.