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Jan 10, 2022

2021 was a big one for cybersecurity events! Camille and Tom get into the biggest cybersecurity topics of the past year with Maribel Lopez, Founder and Principal Analyst at Lopez Research. Their conversation covers the large-scale attacks on infrastructure across industries, where the attacks caused the largest impact on systems, the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and how to convince companies and key decision-makers on the importance of cybersecurity. When it comes to large-scale attacks, we saw gas lines, hospitals, schools, and more become targeted — largely due to old infrastructure and non-updated consumer systems. The rise of AI both helps and hurts security, as cybercriminals learn new ways to breach AI systems that store massive amounts of data. The monetary impact of data loss through cybersecurity breaches will be the most convincing factor for business and decision makers to improve security measures. Listen to learn more about these developments and how to stay secure!

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