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Feb 10, 2021

You may have seen bits and pieces of the SolarWinds story in the news. What actually happened (to the best of our knowledge), and what can CISOs learn from it? Tom and Camille invite Dr. Eric Cole, CEO and founder of Secure Anchor Consulting, to give his insight on the SolarWinds hack and how CISCOs can defend against similar cyber attacks. The SolarWinds attack was a two-component attack to modify a product’s source code and to distribute a malicious update to all clients, and the failure was ultimately the result of skipped in-house checks and validations before sending out updates. Listen to hear more about what you can learn from this incident, as well as how large-scale data breaches all share a lack of awareness about unprotected data, the importance of automation in asset inventory and patching configuration management, how to protect against third-party vendor threats, and more!

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