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Mar 14, 2022

Did you know there’s more than one cloud? With a growing remote workforce, adaptations in modern information, and living through a digital transformation, what does this mean for cybersecurity? How do we prevent security breaches, and is there any information that shouldn’t go to the cloud (or clouds)? Join us as we uncover the answers to these questions with Darren Pulsipher, Chief Solutions Architect, Public Sector at Intel on this episode of Cyber Security Inside: Digital Transformation and Security in a Cloud-Based World.

We get into how the move to remote work sped up both the use of the cloud and the idea of digital transformation, what factors companies need to consider when it comes to security breaches, who’s responsible for data security and access in the cloud, the balance between privacy and transparency in security, how automating security will be influential in the future, and more!

The views and opinions expressed are those of the guests and author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Intel Corporation.